Here is a selection of key publications:


  • Harnessing Disagreement for Event Semantics, DeRIVE2012
  • Crowdsourcing in the Cultural Heritage Domain: Opportunities and Challenges. Proc. C&T, 2011
  • On the Role of User-Generated Metadata in Audio-Visual Collections. Proc. K-CAP, 2011
  • Nichesourcing: Harnessing the Power of Crowds of Experts. Proc. EKAW, Springer, 2012
  • Personalization in crowd-driven annotation for cultural heritage collections. UMAP Workshops 2012

Events Extraction and Enrichment

  • Hacking history via event extraction. K-CAP 2011
  • Automatic heritage metadata enrichment with historic events, Museums and the Web 2011
  • Digital Hermeneutics: Agora and the Online Understanding of Cultural Heritage, WebSci2011
  • Historical event-based access to museum collections, EVENTS2010
  • Making Sense of the Arab Revolution and Occupy: Visual Analytics to Understand Events, DeRIVE2012

Linked Data and Content Patterns

  • Query Driven Hypothesis Generation for Answering Queries over NLP Graphs. Proc. ISWC, Springer, 2012
  • A knowledge pattern-based method for linked data analysis. K-CAP 2011
  • Extracting Core Knowledge from Linked Data. COLD 2011

Recommendations, Personalization & User Modeling in Cultural Heritage

  • Knowledge-Based Linguistic Annotation of Digital Cultural Heritage Collections. IEEE Intelligent Systems, 2009
  • Enhancing Content-Based Recommendation with the Task Model of Classification. Proc. EKAW, Springer, 2010
  • Interactive user modeling for personalized access to museum collections: The Rijksmuseum Case Study. Proc. User Modeling, Springer, 2007
  • Recommendations based on semantically enriched museum collections. Journal of Web Semantics, Elsevier, 2008
  • Semantic annotation and search of cultural-heritage collections: The MultimediaN E-Culture. Journal of Web Semantics, Elsevier, 2008
  • Cultivating personalized museum tours online and on-site. Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 2009
  • Finding Your Way through the Rijksmuseum with an Adaptive Mobile Museum Guide. Proc. ESWC, Springer, 2010

Recommendations, Personalization & User Modeling in Interactive TV

  • The Future of TV: Personalisation & Social Semantics, IBC2010
  • NoTube: making the Web part of personalised TV, WebSci2010
  • A Model-Based Approach Providing Context-Sensitive Television Interaction. ICWE 2009
  • SenSee Framework for Personalized Access to TV Content. Proc. EuroITV, Springer, 2007.
  • Semantic-based Framework for Personalized Ambient Media. Multimedia Tools Applications, 2008
  • Distributed Personalization: Bridging Digital Islands in Museum and Interactive TV, ECRIM2010
  • NoTube: the television experience enhanced by online social and semantic data, International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE 2011)
  • Social and Interactive TV: integrating the Web and television, SemTech 2011 
  • Linking TV And Web Using Semantics, A NoTube Application, EuroTV 2010
  • The NoTube Beancounter: Aggregating User Data for Television Programme Recommendation, SDoW, ISWC2010

Adaptive Hypermedia

  • Embedding Information Retrieval in Adaptive Hypermedia: IR meets AHA!. Journal of New review of hypermedia and multimedia, 2004
  • The Next Big Thing: Adaptive Web-based Systems. Journal of Digital Information, 2006
  • A Semantics-Based Dialogue for Interoperability of User-Adaptive Systems in a Ubiquitous Environment. Proc. User Modeling, Springer, 2007

User Modeling

  • User Modeling and Adaptive Semantic Web. Semantic Web Journal, 2010
  • Interactive Ontology-Based User Knowledge Acquisition: A Case Study. Proc. ESWC, Springer, 2006
  • The effects of transparency on trust in and acceptance of a content-based art recommender. User Modeling, User-Adaptation Interaction, 2008

Personalized e-Learning 

  • The New Challenges for E-learning: The Educational Semantic Web. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 2004
  • AIMS: Learning and teaching support for WWW-based education, IJCEELL 2001

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