Awards & Recognition

ACM distinguished speaker

Four times holder of IBM Faculty Award for her work on CrowdTruth: for crowdsourcing ground truth data in the context of adapting the IBM Watson system to the medical domain and applying CrowdTruth for capturing ambiguity for the purpose of understanding misinformation.

Best paper award CHI2021: “Everyone wants to do the model work, not the data work”: Data Cascades in High-Stakes AI,Nithya Sambasivan Shivani Kapania Hannah Highfill Diana Akrong Praveen Kumar Paritosh Lora Mois Aroyo, SIGCHI, ACM (2021)

Best paper award MTSR2017: for our paper “Enriching Media Collections for Event-based Exploration”, Victor de Boer, Liliana Melgar, Oana Inel, Carlos Martinez Ortiz, Lora Aroyo, and Johan Oomen, in the context of the DIVE+ Project, which also won:

Grand Prize at the LODLAM Challenge 2017 for our work on metadata enrichment of cultural heritage collections with events and linked data

3rd Prize at the Semantic Web Challenge 2014 for the novel event-centric & linked-data exploration of cultural heritage collections online(DIVE+ Project)

Inaugural Lecture for Full Professor at VU University Amsterdam [Video with slides], [Slides only], [Video only]

TEDx Talk: To be AND not to be: quantum intelligence? [Video], [Slides]

IBM Shared University Research Award 2014: my coordination of the VU-IBM CrowdTruth research team

1st Prize at the EuroITV’10 Competition Grand Challenge for our work on Waisda? Video Tagging Game, which also won a number of practice awards:

Best Archives on the Web award in the category Best Use of Crowdsourcing in 2010

TIMAF European Best Practices award in 2009.

Best Journal Paper 2008: The Effects of Transparency on Trust in and Acceptance of a Content-based Art Recommender, James Chen Annual Award for Best UMUAI Journal Article

Meaning and Perspectives in the Digital Humanities, White Paper, KNAW, IBM

3rd Prize for the CHIP Art Recommender at the Semantic Web Challenge 2007: Cultural Heritage Information Presentation

Patent for the work on providing Electronic Program Guides (granted 21/12/10)

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